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HSEQ Consulting-Croatia and Europe

HSEQ Consulting-Croatia and Europe – advisory company based in Croatia. Core business HSE consulting and product selling products in:

  1. Oil & Gas
  2. Construction
  3. Renewable energy
  4. Mining

Our main activities:


Process Safety Management (PSM)

PSM is the application of management systems and controls – programmes, procedures, audits and evaluations – to a manufacturing or chemical procedure in a way that process hazards are identified, understood and controlled, so that process-related injuries and accidents are prevented.

The LifeLock PSM system involves the reduction of operational risks within three focus areas: facilities, technology and personnel. Underpinning these focus areas are fourteen process elements, each of which serves as an avenue for enhanced risk management. With this HSE system, companies can capitalise upon the most effective group structures, documented procedures and human and technological capabilities.
Implemented properly, process safety management can be an effective tool for increasing not only the safety of an operation, but its efficiency, cost-effectiveness and quality. As such, PSM is increasingly becoming the standard that is applied to many hazardous processes around the globe.

Operational Risk Management

Operational risk management qualitatively and quantitatively assesses the variety of risks faced by operations. Our offering is an integrated management system that combines our proven safety management methodologies with more technical elements of operational risk management. It helps clients to implement sustainable continuous improvement processes to manage risk any of the following seven key areas:

Safety Systems and Processes
Electrical Safety
Fire and Explosion Safety
Distribution Safety
Environmental Stewardship
Product Stewardship
Occupational Health and Industrial Hygiene


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